As I was a student at the Amsterdam Film School in the late sixties I learned the editing trade on 16 mm film. When I became an assistant in the seventies I added 35 mm to my portofolio. In California I worked initially on film but when as an visual effects editor at ILM I came in contact with the Editdroid, I taught myself how to work on the machine because I sensed that this was how film would escape the mechanical technology of the early 1900ís and embark on an electronic future. As the editor of Young Indiana Jones I encountered the first Avids in the early nineties and embraced non-linear editing with the documentary 500 Nations. Although I resisted working on Final Cut Pro for a long time, eventually I was not able to escape working on it. I edited three projects on this flawed editing software before I very publicly abandoned it. Avid is my system of choice but Iím prepared to try any new sytem if the project asks for it and if the project interests me enough to go through the motions of learning how to master it. Iím arrogant enough to think that people ask me to work on their projects because of my storytelling talents not because of the tool Iím using.




I have my own cuttingroom at JuRi Film Entertainment in Marina Del Rey on the Westside of Los Angeles equipped with a Avid MC 5 and all the necessary additional tools and plenty of storage. At that location there are two more edit bays that are all connected with a fast ethernet sharing connection. There is a fiberoptic infrastructure to connect the editbays with Avid Unity servers. All appropriate software (After Effects, Photo Shop etc.) is available to accommodate small and big projects.


If you hire me you can be backed up when a project asks for it by a full editorial team or additional editors who have my trust or when itís a small intimate film you can just get me. At JuRi Film there are also excellent DPís and digital equipment available to do reshoots, inserts or additional shooting. Award winning post specialists, sound designers, composers and visual effects artists are part of my trusted circle of film professionals.